Ice It

Herb X Formula is an herbal company that specializes in Chinese herbal formulas for dit da (traumatalogy), orthopedics, and arthritic conditions. The purpose of Herb X formulations is to bring this ancient science into the modern world. We strive to educate our patients about the alternatives to orthopedic surgery and pharmaceutical pain medications.

All of our products are made with the highest quality of herbs and according to the traditional methods of ancient Chinese medicine, with a touch of current knowledge. We carry a variety of products that can be used for pain as a result of arthritis, trauma (internal and external), fractures, dislocations, torn ligaments, tendons, bumps and bruises, and headaches. Our products have been clinically tested for their efficiency for close to ten years with great success and results.

Many Chinese medical schools and doctors of Chinese medicine exclusively use our products for their patients with the above mentioned conditions. The overwhelming popularity of one of our formulas, X-Jow, has led us to create this company to take our products world wide so more people have access to natural medicines that work fast, have great results, and without adverse effects.

Eastern medicine is designed to focus on each individual’s unique system as well as the symptoms they are having. Eastern medicine’s powerful gift is that its focus is on the root of the problem in the individual and treats that root, not just the symptom. The root of the health issue is different in each person because our systems are all different and unique unto each individual. A doctor of Eastern medicine can hone in on and read the pulse of each patient, identifying exactly what the root problem is for that person. Often times, illness is due to underlying lifestyle factors unique to that individual which need to be ascertained and addressed in conjunction with the symptoms or illness they have.

Our mission is to bring the ancient knowledge of herbs and healing into the 21st century to a culture that is seeking alternatives to conventional surgeries and medications.

Pain Gel

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