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Introducing A Remarkable Product

I have created this blog because I believe in something. And I wanted to talk about it…and reach as many people as possible to share the good news!

(Also, visit the Testimonials Page above and see what other doctors and patients have to say about X-Jow and Dr. Nalbandyan!)

You Deserve To Feel Better!

X-Jow is a pain gel…like no other. And I am X-Cited to tell you about it! My family and I have been using it for a couple of years, and it works like nothing else I have ever used. Now, I am sure you “hear” this about all kinds of products on the market, but in this case, it is really true. No…really…It Is True!

Let me share this with you:  I have had a number of injuries or muscle related issues over the last few years and tried other products. I began seeing Dr. Aram Nalbandyan, the creator of these products, for Acupuncture and Chinese Herb Therapy. At the time, he was working on the formula for X-Jow and, upon its completion, I began using it. And I was truly stunned at how swift I had relief, the depth of the healing, and how much better I felt, almost immediately.

My daughter also has bad knees from being a marching band member in high school, and later, falling down stairs that tore her meniscus in one knee. She uses X-Jow for immediate relief and healing any time she has problems. After using the product, she rarely has issues. Now that she is in culinary school using muscles in her arms she has never used, and being on her feet for many hours, she uses X-Jow frequently to keep those muscles supple and pain free. It has been a blessing.

I am not one to herald any products…there are so many these days that do not do what they claim and are a waste of money. So, I would not speak so loudly about a product…if I did not believe so wholeheartedly in its benefits…and if I could not attest to its validity myself.

But…this is one product I am honored to speak about…and joyful about telling everyone about…because it actually IS and DOES what it says it will…and so much more.

About Dr. Aram Nalbandyan and His Wife, Cynthia

Now, I have to tell you a little about the Dr. who created this product and his wife. In this world that has gotten so crazy, dishonest, and disreputable…they are an Oasis in a sea of discomfort! Imagine you are swimming in an ocean, sharks and creatures circling around you. You are in pain, and you need relief. You need safety and comfort. Up ahead you see a glimmering shore, and you swim toward it. You are exhausted, but you fling yourself on the sandy beach and look around for help. Then, two lovely beings reach for you and carry you into a healing center. You are saved.

This is honestly what it feels like to walk into their offices. It is like reaching an island you have been looking for. They are the most gentle, loving, compassionate people you could ever imagine. I, myself, was looking for just such a shore when I met Dr. Nalbandyan…and he literally saved me. I was headed for physical disaster, and he carried me back from the brink. His wife Cynthia, who runs the office, is a darling, lovely person who puts you at ease right away. She is the voice on the phone that is like a breath of fresh air. You can feel the kindhearted and considerate energy from these two wonderful people as soon as you walk in the door or call on the phone.

If this sounds too good to be true…I assure you, it is not. It is real, and true, and available to you!

I urge everyone to give this product a try. Whether you have an injury, chronic pain, or are long suffering from aches and pains…this will work for you!

Visit the Website for more information and ordering (the link is above). Visit their Facebook page and see photos and more information (link to the right on this page). Tweet them a tweet (also to the right). And Contact them for any questions or more information (contact info above).

You will be as X-Cited as I am about the benefits of X-Jow.

Tell your friends and family and like the posts here. More will be coming soon.

But most of all…I wish you to feel the Relief and Healing from the best pain gel out there. You deserve to feel better. Just X-Jow it!

The Blog Writer